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Reducing Generational Conflict Online Training

How can understanding generations help you?

The Reducing Generational Conflict course is our Generations at Work workshop offered online. It allows participants to watch the video lessons and complete the written exercises at their own pace.

The course is a flexible way of gaining our powerful generational knowledge for yourself, or sharing it widely throughout your organization conveniently and affordably.

Even if you are familiar with the traditional approach to generations, in this course you’ll discover a new, powerful approach to finally understanding and engaging people from all generations.

Live Events

Generations at Work

In the Generations at Work session, participants will discover an entirely new approach to generational understanding and what drives the behavior of the six generations at work, or as we call them Value PopulationsTM.

Participants will also discover the core values, workplace attributes, and unique gifts of each Value Population.

Through experiential activities and helpful job aides, participants will gain a deeper understanding and ability to work with each Value Population.

This session is available as a multimedia keynote speech, or even better, as half-day or full-day workshop.

Recruitment, Retention, Retirement: A Generational Approach

In this session–Recruitment, Retention, and Retirement: A Generational Approach participants will discover new perspectives and practices to better attract, engage, and retain talent of all generations.

Participants will learn about the current shift from an independent to an inter-dependent cultural model and a variety of low-cost, but powerful, ways for organizations to navigate this significant change and support an enthusiastic, loyal workforce.

Workshop participants will also experience exercises to help them immediately improve organizational effectiveness.

This session is available as a half-day workshop.

Collaborative Leadership

In the Collaborative Leadership session, participants will explore a leadership style that can truly draw out the best from all team members, especially those of younger generations.

Participants will discover how this style was used by some of the worlds most effective leaders great peacemakers like Mahatma Gandhi and Desmond Tutu. They will also learn eleven principles and numerous practical techniques for practicing collaborative leadership and creating extraordinary results.

Workshop participants will also experience exercises and receive job aides to help them directly apply the principles in their work.

This session is available as a full-day workshop or keynote speech.

Leadership Principles of Great Peacemakers

In this inspiring session, Leadership Principles of Great Peacemakers, participants will explore collaborative leadership with a special emphasis on how it was practiced effectively by great social leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Dalai Lama, and others.

Participants will discover powerful true stories, thought-provoking insights, and practical tips for practicing this leadership style and become more effective leaders that create positive change in their own lives and their organizations.

Workshop participants will also work with the concepts through meaningful interactive exercises.

This session is available as a full-day workshop.

Technology and Diversity

In the Technology and Diversity session, participants will explore how technology is impacting diversity and inclusion in the workplace today, how it might create even more impacts in the near future, and how to start preparing for those impacts now. In this thought-provoking workshop, participants will also experience exercises to help them identify pro-active steps their organizations can take now to begin getting ready for future technological change.

This multimedia session is available as a half-day workshop.

Custom Event or Consulting

Every business is different, so we are happy to talk with you and design a custom event or consulting sessions to meet your needs.

Considering your specific audience and/or current organizational challenges, you will receive a fresh outside perspective and benefit from our unique expertise in generations, collaboration, leadership, and more.

We take your privacy seriously, and will never share your email with third parties.

We take your privacy seriously, and will never share your email with third parties.

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