About Near Bridge

We help people get along better.

We do this by revealing ways to bridge the gap between generations, increase collaboration, and inspire leadership on all levels.

We began our journey in 2001, helping companies uncover consumer trends. Along the way, we found that trends were greatly influenced by generational differences.

However, when we tried to understand generations through the traditional approach, we found that it simply didn’t work.

We took a fresh look at generations and what drives their behavior.

After years of research, we discovered that what drives generations is deep-seated and often unconscious values – values that were formed by shared experiences when generations were growing up. And, if you understand each generation’s values, you understand how they see the world.

We shared this powerful discovery in our book, The Consistent Consumer, and in workshops and saw that it made a huge difference for our clients!


Based on 5 years of research for our award-winning book, Great Peacemakers, we developed a powerful and unique approach to collaboration and leadership.

This approach not only works for different generations, but for all diversity dimensions, allowing people to collaborate more effectively, find the gift in each other, and achieve extraordinary results.

Understanding this, the next step was figuring out how to help the different generations collaborate effectively.

So we asked ourselves:Who are some of the greatest collaborators and leaders in the world?

We found a treasure trove of answers in the lives of leaders not usually talked about in traditional business, the world’s great peacemakers.


On a personal level, we strive to practice what we preach and apply the fruits of our research to our daily lives.

It has been nothing short of transformational.

And, we are eager to share these insights with you.

We take your privacy seriously, and will never share your email with third parties.

We take your privacy seriously, and will never share your email with third parties.

Bridge The Generation Gap

to reduce conflict and increase colloboration at work.

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